Safety Department

RC&E, Inc. can provide all of the services of a PSM Lite program which covers your GDC for OSHA requirements, We can also provide a full PSM/RMP program to cover both OSHA and EPA requirements. All programs include program development, training, SOP training and development, Compliance Audits, Mechanical Integrity inspections, Calculations, NEP Review and P&ID review and correction. We are a full service PSM/RMP contractor for ammonia refrigeration facilities thru out the United States.

All of our field employees are trained and certified to drive forklifts and aerial lifts on our projects. All of our employees at the very least receive ammonia awareness classes. Many of our employees receive Hazardous Material Technician Level training. Our foremen and service technicians are certified in confined space and site incident command. We have a program created to meet the requirements of OSHA.


We come to your facility and provide third party certification on Standard Operating Procedures per OSHA. We offer documentation of both classroom participation and hands on proficiency.

PSM/RMP Review

  1. For each process MOC procedure conducted, has the procedure included a review/analysis of the relief system to determine if the throughput change might result in deficiencies in the existing relief system and corresponding safety and health?
  2. Do the history files for the pressure vessels randomly selected as per SectionXI.E.3.aa contain at least the following PSI? (board #, mawp, design codes, welding procedures)
  3. Does the employer have a MI procedure for inspecting pressure vessels for corrosion under insulation (CUI) and does the employer inspect pressure vessels for CUI?
  4. Does the PHA for the equipment consider the siting of all occupied structures?


If you answered no to any question, you could receive a fine from a NEP inspection. It may be time for a compliance audit to determine if your PSM/RMP program will pass inspection. Contact us for your next compliance audit/mechanical integrity inspection. We can get you back on track.

Mechanical Integrity Inspection

  1. Verify U1A's, RV Calculations, Vent Calculations, P&ID's with plant, Valve tags, Unit ID's, Pictures, and Valves.
  2. Fill out IIAR logs for each piece of equipment.
  3. Perform testing of all safeties.
  4. NDT (Non-Destructive Testing) - Place copy in a binder.
  5. Provide typed report of findings, recommendations, and place them in a binder with CD.
  6. Client (facility) to perform repairs/updates as per inspection in order of priority and cost.