Parts Department

RC&E, Inc. is fast becoming one of the industry's leading sources to go to for genuine OEM refrigeration system parts and service.

We try to keep a large amount of inventories on hand to limit the customer down time.

Inventories include parts from all the leading OEM manufacturers’ of compressor packages, condensers, evaporators, heat exchangers, pumps, valves, fittings and other piping components. Refrigerants and lubricating oils are also part of our parts inventory.

Our parts department prides itself on true customer service whether it is just returning a phone call with price or availability or it is same day service, next day air deliveries or standard ground shipment. When needed, we will bring the parts to you.

Our parts department (as well as our service department) can also help you with repair services, compressor and pump vibration testing, compressor rebuilding and pump rebuilding.

You can count on service 24/7.

The following is a partial list of the vendors we carry.

Air Compressors
GEAParker R/SBACKrackJoyFESManning Systems
GrassoParker Flo-conImecoImecoQuincyFrickHoneywell
FrickHansen TechnologiesVilterFrigid CoilSullairLogixDurco
MycomHenry Valve CompanyEvapcoEvapcoWorthingtonABBuffalo
SullairDanvalveMarleyColmac CoilGardner DenverOPTPChromalox
VilterRVSFrickVilterAtlas CopcoJohnson/ PennDwyers
FESCyrus ShankIngersoll RandHenchDryers, Air
CarrierSporlanLeroiInterlogixAleco Curtains
Dunham BushAscoSixnetCornell Pumps
HowdenPhillipsBell & Gossett
M&M RefigerationFisherTemp Probes
RecoHubbelBall Valves